Dick consumption


Firstly I want to just let the reader know, I will usually be talking more about food we eat, clothes we wear, recreational and non recreational drugs…but for today this is the more ‘serious’ issue I felt like tackling. I am in no way trying to offend either men or women but thought this would be a fun way to bring some topics on consumer habits across. Also maybe enlighten people what a mess up it is for women to have sex outside a committed relationship. And no I’m not sexually frustrated writing this – more frustrated with current consumer behavior.

Men – now do we really consume men? I am a women, and I do feel anything that goes into me is definitely a consumable. Now you can take that and wonder does this even apply to people that only practice protected sex…ummm lets not go there. I’m saying their Men’s sexual service is a consumable. I shall name this consumable Dick for the rest of my writing.

As a female I’m quite upset about the current process and system of how we go about getting Dick. If you are in a long term relationship and can get lots of Dick! Good for you. But for the rest of us singletons, it’s not that easy. Please don’t just assume that when original supply goes away –  demand goes away. Never the case!

Now all women and men are thinking – there is definitely lots of Dick supply. Ummmm yes, but it’s complicated. Like in any situation – when you start advertising your demand for something, it usually takes a while before the correct suppliers can react (if communication reaches there). There are no complex CRM systems tracking these demands! I have to do a lot of shopping for this. Where to go…. clubs, online dating sites, bars, church maybe even? Who knows.

So you go to these shops and find a lot of these Dicks are already reserved or only designed for the male gender (unfair!). But still lots of available Dick in these shops. I can go to said shops for Dick, don’t particularly have to announce that I want this service, if you are not fussy about the quality, it’s practically offered to you.  If I show too much interest in Dick, I seem to have less options… Easiest “purchase” right? Dick is supplied everywhere, you think I could easily have access to needed service?

Not so! Like everything you consume – there are consequences. When I purchase one of these Dicks, that transaction is stored (yes in this case in the form of gossip, images and memories) . Especially if you go to the same place often, these transactions over time – ( and it doesn’t have to be that much time) to categorize what kind of consumer you are and more importantly what kind of services they will be able to offer you. So based on what you do you could be categorized as follows: Slut , Gold Digger, One of the boys, Bitch, I would do her, I could be her friend, Uncategorised….etc On top of this once they realize what service they can provide for you based on this categorization (some systems of categorizations very warped so you have to make absolutely certain suppliers know what you want) – they start making preparations to sell to you. What you consume overtime has an impact on what services people want and do provide for you. Especially over time! As a consumer – you could easily end up being raped without careful consideration about what you consume!

After my transactions, I give feedback. Suppliers(Men) give feedback about me. These also get stored in societies minds and get fed through to other shops. Some sort of formula or should I say “truths” are formed around these transactions. Women that do many transactions are sluts. (Aim for them if you want to make sure to sell your supplies, but also consider the market could be too saturated – too many competitors). Women that you actually pay to do Dick transactions are prostitutes. Women that don’t take part in these transactions are prudes – nothing a bit of strategic advertising/marketing can’t fix. Women that only demand Dick from wealthy suppliers are Gold Diggers (Wealthy Men can now identify their market). And so on.

What you consume, and what you think and what you leave your supplier thinking has an impact of the rules that govern society – the environment you live in. As you can see it is very important to watch how you behave as a consumer!

Now lets say as a consumer – you suddenly realize, you are not happy with current Dicks being marketed to you, you are left feeling somehow unsatisfied. You are also starting to notice that your consumption choices are starting to impact the environment around you. You start communicating this to current all the current Men(s) – but he can only do certain services – after all, he wants to service the masses – Client- Supplier relationship destroyed. But now you are not getting any Dick – what to do?

This is the tricky part. All sorts of questions can start popping up around potential suppliers:

1) Are you leaving you feeling absolutely satisfied?

2) Is it sustainable?

3) Can you tell for sure if they are providing a “clean” service?

4)Am I destroying others lives/environments in process of getting this service

So many hard questions to ask and answers you probably don’t want to hear…

To make matters more complicated, women don’t like the way they get categorized. So instead of just demanding what they really need – they pretend don’t want what the suppliers have to supply and let them. This only exasperated suppliers. They have been tricked like this before – and feel they need to work harder to acquire the consumer. Consumer(Women) said no, but I’m assuming it’s a yes. I Will keep supplying – it’s a pretense – consumer is just playing hard to get.  This causes issues in categorizing non pretending consumers who are actually saying no! Problemo! Men think Dicks are in demand when they are not actually in demand and start supplying to wrong Women.

Also their are many groups of societies – and open communication between societies. One group of Men start discussions with other groups of Men – and suddenly other groups decide they no longer just want to satisfy the local Womens need’s -since  they have been in the game longer, they will satisfy Women in non surrounding areas. Lots of pea-cocking and new tricks – Women suddenly believe local Men don’t supply a good enough service. No, foreign Dick is better! Local Men are at a loss. They no longer have Women to provide a service to. Foreign Dick needs to be shipped in- lots more effort going on here, meaning less effort goes into the actual service. Women aren’t satisfied and feel they just have to consume more and more to be satisfied. Lot’s of resources are getting used up in this process of importing these foreign Dicks.

Also Men are not stupid. They realize that women are quite vain. They are getting greedy and like it when a lot of Men are selling them Dick. The more Men they can get interested in supplying Dick to them, the higher they value themselves. So Men trick women into all sorts of self torture in the promise of being sold more Dick. They can purchase other unrelated totally unnecessary products and they will most certainly be a more valuable Woman and be sold more Dick. In fact if they don’t use these other Consumables, they are second rate Women…Many model Women being used to show what model consumers are meant to be like!

A more ideal situation would be for consumers to learn for themselves what they actually need. Once needs are assessed. These need to be communicated unambiguously to suppliers around them. Suppliers will initially be unhappy about the decline in demand and action would probably taken. But in the long run – the right suppliers will materialize to meet the demands. Categorizing will be a lot more accurate. Consumers would feel more satisfied. They are getting what they need. No need for pretenses as this is a transparent system, (no bad categorizations), hence no shame in buying too many of one product or too much of a variety. Now if consumers could only make up their mine what it is they need…

Marketing and advertising is huge these days – and everyone wants to sell to you. Suppliers all want their slice of the pie (ok I’ll stop now). What you do, say and buy on a day to day basis all gets used by analysts and the advertising industries to try and meet your needs and demands. Yes we can all complain about the big ugly industries out there that are doing this to us poor consumers. But consumers actually hold a lot of power. Yes, we can be raped. But at the end of it you are the buyer, an individual but you do still make up the masses. You can change the world by what you consume.


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