Shit women do

Shit women do

Is it OK to let women starve themselves, destroy their health, have a distorted self-image and cut up their bodies to feel accepted? Is it OK to let them think they should be looking like Barbie/models? Model bodies? This is a moving target – compare the beautiful women from the previous generation till now. Models have to work hard on looking beautiful and young, also all the professional make up and electronic touch up’s create the most amazing, inhumanely beautiful women. These women are used for advertising everywhere and it’s made to feel like these images are the norm. Then there’s all the beautifully fake pictures of real women on social media. When a women looks in the mirror, she starts to see so many things that need fixing (job well done for the marketing team). Women will pay anything to fix themselves. Then begins the self-mutilation with all the books, cosmetics, procedures, foods etc to fix themselves. It’s incredibly sad! This is also starting to apply to men now but I feel there is far less pressure on men…

I was talking about how disgusting  some cultures were with the whole genital mutilation of women. It’s even accepted by mothers and grandmothers – they think their daughter’s would not be able to serve food with a pure mind if they didn’t get this done. They are brainwashed into thinking that to be an accepted women – they needed to get these things done. My friend quickly went on to say, how our society wasn’t so far off, but since we are immersed in it – we can hardly see we are also brainwashed.

A few sadistic things women do to themselves so that they are more desirable:

1)      Starvation (calories or omitting food groups)

I am very guilty of this one. I think I have wrecked my health on too many diets already. Diets create so much stress on your body. They mess up your thyroid, mess up your mind and create nutrient deficiencies.

I naturally had a very good metabolism as I child. I constantly ate lots and lots of food. This probably wasn’t very healthy for me. (It wasn’t healthy food). But I don’t remember having any issues with thinking I was fat etc. My weight would naturally fluctuate – I would get “poofy” sometimes but then really skinny other times. It didn’t bother me. (I hear these days, girls as young as 8 years old start dieting).

By the time I got to highschool, I started being aware of the need to be skinny. I was still a really sporty girl though. I had amazingly toned legs, lots of energy and beautiful long luscious hair. I was in boarding school. I went home after my first year of high school and decided I was fat, I needed to diet. I probably got myself to lose about 5kg’s that holiday. A lot of my hair fell out. My legs lost their muscular tone and I started feeling very tired. I don’t remember my mom saying much about this. But I remember seeing my father after the holiday – he immediately made a comment about me being anorexic. Once I got back to school, I got quite a few comments about being anorexic and that I had lost my nice calves etc…I constructively took this info and stopped dieting. After a while, I was quite happy and had gotten over starving myself (after all, I love food too much). I would just diet on and off after that, but it seemed my hair and energy never really returned to normal for the next 4 years.

I had a lot of other things stressing me out by the time I was in varsity – I totally stopped dieting and was at my thinnest (healthiest) self – my energy finally came back and my hair was thick…unfortunately towards the end of varsity I started feeling the pressure again and started dieting. I’m still in this torment and even now struggle to stop the crazy diets.

There’s way too much pressure when it comes to dieting. The problem is with how food is produced and consumed these days. Food industries just want to sell, sell, and sell. They create foods that are addictive and then display food porn on streets, tv and internet; telling you that you need to consume more and more! Then on the other side, we are told we need to be super thin. Need to cut out all that addictive food. If you are at a predisposition to love food – it’s an uphill battle. No wonder I’m going from thinking I’m thin, healthy and in control to stuffing cake in my face, then looking in the mirror and telling myself how obese I look all of a sudden!

We don’t all have the same body types! It’s very unhealthy for someone with Type A body to try and change it to Type C. Women’s body fat percentage are naturally quite high. This is totally necessary for fertility and hormones. We all have our own optimum body fat percentage – taking it under that can cause serious health problems. (Or over that – for those that are naturally very thin and try to force weight on).

2)      Heels

Not too long ago in a place not so far away. Small feet were considered beautiful and a way to marry into money. Women/girls would break and bind their feet to keep them small so that they would be beautiful. So sadistic right? This was later banned. Are high heeled shoes that far off this tradition?

You don’t need to google around much to find reasons why wearing heals are bad for your health.

Maybe heels are not always bad. They are said to be good for certain dances (but let’s be real, those heals are designed very differently). Also a slight heel could make for more comfortable shoes on certain feet.

If I have gone out in high heels; I have either spent the night in one spot, not dancing or drank a lot of alcohol and possibly ended up walking home barefoot (yes maybe due to lots of drinks too). It’s clearly very painful to wear these. I don’t wear heals that often, so I’m not used to all that pressure on my feet when I do wear them. How much must we want to look hot to put up with this pain? I have seen what these heels do to long time wearers, it changes the structure of the feet over time. Bunions form and all sorts of calluses. All in the name of being hot!

3)      Surgery (cutting themselves up)

This is honestly getting out of hand now! Before it was just nose jobs and boobs. Now everything, even your hidden veejayjay needs to be cut up and sewn together the way it was “meant to be”. I’m very happy cosmetic surgery exists – if I were in a bad car accident and needed to fix myself up again, or was born with a closed nostril or something – great. But many of the people opting for surgery already look amazing! And what’s even worse, is they go in looking amazing – they come out looking even more perfect – how does that leave the rest of the people feeling about their self-image. The more perfect everyone around us becomes, the more we wonder about our reflection in the mirror not matching up to those standards. Still, cutting yourself up to be beautiful!!

4)      Botox

Age gracefully? Hell no! Let’s keep injecting foreign material into our faces so that we will be ever youthful! Same problem as surgery. Look at Hollywood – some of these stars are in their 40’s 50’s now and look younger than me! (mid 20’s). I think of Botox as cocaine. Status drug, boosts your confidence temporarily, costly and your left wanting more. It also makes everyone around feeling shit about themselves (Can’t live up to your amazingness). Botox parties are all the rage now!

I was told recently; “There are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women”. All of the above coupled with this generations self-help mentality is a poisonous combination. You have to be desirable! If you are not perfect, you clearly aren’t trying! There is certain truth in this – as I’m a self-help generation baby, I do feel as if I just need to know what I want, then I can find the steps to get there. It makes me feel like a total failure when I go all Atkins and then I fail to have the self-restraint to not eat a potato!! I failed, didn’t follow the rules properly; I’m fat because I couldn’t follow Atkins. OK, let me go buy the next solution?

I don’t advocate an unhealthy lifestyle. But punishing yourself will achieve nothing. Look after yourself. Love yourself. Exercise to feel good. Eat to nourish your body.  If you are already healthy – accept your natural body shape and use it your advantage. We are all given different assets in life. We are all unique and special. Love yourself. There is no other set of genetics like yours in this world. Don’t try and steal what was given to someone else (you will never be able to copy it as well anyway).

The fact remains, women are vain. From our childhood fairy tales, it’s made evident from a young age that women want to look young and beautiful and be admired by many. The obsession of being beautiful is also depicted as evil in fairy-tales, but somehow there is always that princess bitch that without even trying comes out so beautiful, gets her prince and everyone adores her. But maybe that’s the point! Don’t invest so much time and energy into trying to be desirable else you will easily be brainwashed and manipulated by society and the advertising industry. Rather focus your energy on other things that are more important to you – in doing this, you might end up being the most beautiful version you!?

Then summer comes and you head to the nearest beach and suddenly realise you’re not beach ready this summer. You want to go shamefully sit in the corner, fully clothed, with huge shades on, because all these idiots didn’t stop beautifying themselves all winter, they make you feel like a beached whale! Drastic measures need to be taken! You might have stopped the madness, but nobody else did. It’s OK! It’s all in your mind. They are still mostly unhappy with their image too. At least you haven’t wasted too much energy to end up with that same frame of mind. Having a healthy self image is gained by respecting yourself and your body. It’s not done by punishing yourself. Painful tactics work but they are not sustainable – you will be left wanting to do more and more to change yourself!


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