Thinking VS Feeling


So many keep telling me to stop thinking and just feel. I know what they mean – think less, feel more. But let’s entertain this feeling idea – analyse it a bit 😉

If I just had to do everything I felt – it would be utter chaos! If I’m tired at work; I feel like sleeping…well let me just put my head on the desk here and sleep? If that person is irritating the living daylights out of me…well let me just slap them. I don’t really feel like being alive right now, I just texted a sexy message to my father instead of my boyfriend…let me just crash my car right now, that way I don’t need to deal with him later!

It can’t be fine to just live based on feelings, they change so often anyway. It’s a good thing to always deal with the way you feel; voice those emotions. Decisions are a complicated matter, and balance is always key. There are many different ‘selves’ in you, it’s almost as if there are multiple people in your body. Everybody needs their say. Depending on the circumstances, certain parts of you might need to be held back; including your emotional self.

Example of a quick self-analysis:

Laidback Self

  • Likes slow pretty music (Tracy Chapman , Ben Harper etc)
  • Likes to do exactly what feels best in the moment – usually listening to music, lying on the coach, surfing the web, reading, painting, day dreaming
  • Prefers being in a calm environment – like home
  • Likes a vegetarian diet – doesn’t like the thought of eating killed flesh
  • Procrastinates
  • Wishes to accept self – doesn’t have the power.
  • Negative words: Why do I need to go out? Bed is good. Why work? Just enjoy the food – eat all that sugar – don’t worry!
  • Strong when tired

Driven Self

  • Likes upbeat stimulating music
  • Needs to focus on achieving something – writing a blog post, studying for an exam, exercising, getting work down, going out in the cold to socialise
  • Prefer to be out – at work, gym, party
  • Likes meat – feels primal to be eating something. Venison is the best! Meat nourishes the body
  • Gets things done
  • Needs to improve self
  • Negative words: You are terrible – you better change! You are fat – better crash diet!
  • Weak when tired
  • Panic awakens Driven Self

Emotional Self

  • Likes upbeat music when feeling emotionally stable, likes relaxed music when feeling fragile
  • When tired – do what’s best in the moment, when energized – needs to accomplish something
  • When tired – home, Energized – out doing some activity
  • Prefers a vegetarian diet generally. Will revert to meat diet if feels like destroying self from lack of nourishment.
  • Tends to procrastination as wants to what feels in the moment
  • Feels sad and withdrawn when not accepting self.
  • Feels abused by driven-self’s negative words. Starts feeling depressed if laidback-self talks negatively for too long
  • Needs to connect to other people – created emotions based on these interactions.
  • Needs expression – vital importance to be listened to.
  • Can be extremely destructive when feeling defenceless.

Intuitive Self

  • Random thoughts that be independent of all other Selves.
  • Hardest Self to listen to.

There’s a lot of complexity inside you. Each part of you has its role to play. No wonder it’s hard to make a decision, it’s hard to understand what you are feeling. There’s a lot of confusion going on and the emotional-self can start giving incorrect feedback or even just stop communicating. If only we could learn to use the intuitive-self more often…

How does someone who’s emotional self is frozen interact with the world? Or someone who’s emotional-self gives off totally inappropriate emotions?

#DigiWriMo , #Day7


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