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Once again I have taken my Chinese relax herbs before sleeping, but in order to keep writing everyday – I need to write today’s post (even in this tired foggy state). I’m very impressed with how effective these herbal pills are! I’ll just have to use music as a counter drug to keep me up. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories! Am I kidding myself? Thoughts of food have kept me up many nights!


It’s Sunday night – Monday is a fresh start to trying being a healthier me. I like to think about my weekend sins then focus on how amazing my diet will be the next week. The only thing on my mind is food. I have always wanted to blog about my daily thoughts on food, so here goes…

In terms of my animal cruelty and environmental impact issues – I haven’t done too badly. I had Burger King on Sunday night (It’s the first one in South Africa so I had to try it). I had a veggie burger of course. Burger King – I really was not impressed with this. It tasted synthetic! The bread didn’t even taste real and it gave me an instant energy rush, then I couldn’t stop eating though I didn’t like the taste. Something bad going on in that burger! Their fries are hardly nice as fries go (And I consider myself expert now). If I’m going to eat the “eat of shame” after a night of partying, it shall not be Burger King again!

I was in a state after upsetting my system with Burger King so I decided to carry on my downward spiral and also had MyYog frozen yoghurt. They use local dairy but I’m not sure where it’s sourced from or how the cows are treated. I think most South African cows are not treated badly…especially if it’s rBST hormone free…right? And I’m sure I read rBST hormone free somewhere in the shop. That cheat wasn’t worth it either. This used to be my favourite soft-serve ever and it even tasted like they changed the recipe. This is great for me as I’m quite addicted to MyYog – I shall not have to have soft serve there again soon.

My diet or should I rather say new lifestyle officially started today. Sunday is a cheat day on this plan so I had my cheat meal today. Don’t judge! I’m conditioned to overeat on Sundays. Anyways, we went to Constantia market for the afternoon. It was beautiful. They sell a variety of original creative gifts and you have stunning views of the lush green Cape Town mountain range around you. A very decent musician playing throughout the afternoon added to the ambiance. I was very thankful for the musician having a good voice; I’ve experienced too many “let’s do a favour for a friends’ sons’ start up band” lately. In terms of food – there was not much variety of food options. For a vegetarian, I was left with veg sushi. Then joy oh joy, I found an organic ice-cream place at the market. This ice-cream was divine! I initially had a scoop of tiramisu and another of vanilla. It was so good, I returned for a scoop of chocolate alongside whisky cream. I can’t decide which was best out of whisky cream and vanilla. It was probably the best scoop ice-cream I’ve had in Cape Town. They only serve ice-cream at the Tokai Earth Food market and the Warldorf Market. I will be driving to Tokai a lot more on Saturdays. The sell tubs that you can take home with you. Stock for cheat days!

Sunday night was a nightmare to eat healthy, but I managed sprouted lentils, veg and sprouted quinoa. I was craving pudding so badly so tried to make a healthy pudding with green stevia as a sweetener. It did the trick, one bite and I no longer wanted pudding!

What does a cheat meal? I can have 2 cheat meals next week. It’s scheduled for Wednesday and Sunday unless I’m eating out. Cheat meals are for eating sugar, bread and foods that are bad for me. But preferably involve no cruelty to animals. I still need to do research on the dairy industry in South Africa – a big blog post can result from that. For now, all I know is to avoid anything with rBST hormone in it, not only is it bad for you, but the hormone forces the cow to produce way more milk than what it’s designed to – not good! In terms of eggs – chickens are treated very badly here so unless you have researched the source from where you buy the eggs; you can assume very harsh conditions; no room to roam, broken beaks, unhealthy feed etc. Even boxes labelled free range are suspect.

So lifestyle for next week:

-2 cheat meals (a meal cannot be longer than 3 hours 😛 )

-Eat 3 meals at the same time every day.

-Don’t mix animal protein with carbs

-Can eat: sprouted grains (non glutinous) and sprouted legumes (no soy), veg (that I tolerate well), coconut oil for cooking, seed oils for seasoning (cold pressed), herbs, spices, seeds, coconut, raw milk kefir, biodynamic eggs, green stevia for sweetner

-Don’t overeat

-Bikram yoga 3 times. One session of weights.

Above probably sounds crazy but it’s my belief that this is the ideal diet – especially for a vegetarian. Fruit should be added to the can eat list for other people but not for me (in hay fever season, I do better just not eating them). I will blog about this diet in future…

#digiwrimo , #day10


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