Gender expectations from a male perspective


Since I recently wrote a post about society’s pressures on women, for fun, I’m going to try and write society’s expectations from a male point of view.

Male gender expectations put them in a position of power. Great for all those natural alpha’s out there. But for the rest – those are some huge shoes you need to fill!

Society’s expectations on men:


1)      Expected to take the lead/control

A lot of women are more impatient than men and want things to happen long before a man would decide it’s time. Taking the lead has a lot of pressure – when things go wrong, whose fault is it??

2)      The hunter

You are expected to take the lead in initiating a relationship or sex. If you are not super confident, this is probably not the best experience. The thought of rejection might even feel worse for a man (ego).

3)      The protector

You need to shield your family from all the evil in the world. This is great if you love confrontation! Of course men are usually stronger that women so it would make sense from a physical point of view. Protection is also a lot of work. Maybe your girlfriend is too scared to drive at night – you have to now drive her around. A lot of work!

4)      Pillar of strength – very little emotion

When everyone else is breaking down around you – you are expected to act bulletproof. Do baby boys cry any less than baby girls? Men are just as full of emotion as women, as they get older a lot of this gets repressed because of this expectation.

5)      Look athletic and strong when you are young. Money and success when older.

We no longer hunt for food. A muscular physique doesn’t come that naturally anymore. Looking strong and athletic – lots of gym and sport needed there. Pressure to earn a lot of money – where does that leave you in pursuing a career you love?

6)      Expected to be one up on women (higher salary, better job, smarter)

Women are now earning good salaries, great jobs, they work hard and a lot of women are smart, now these women are still expecting date men that are higher up the social/corporate ladder. Wouldn’t you want a woman that’s smart and financially stable – it would benefit your future family; but now you have to aim down?

7)      You are expected to pay the bill/ buy the drinks.

Didn’t you just buy that expensive car so she can see you have money? Why must you still buy the drinks? Do you feel you have to pay for her sexual services later? I would hope she wants to sleep with you because she is attracted to you; not for any other reason.

8)      Male manners: give a lady your jersey if you are cold, pull the chair back for a lady, open doors and carry a bag that she obviously can lift herself when you are not around.

The bag is understandable. Maybe you could show off those muscles you have been working so hard for in the gym in the process. The jersey? Maybe she should have remembered to bring one, aren’t you also cold? Pull the chair back…but you are not even sitting on that side of the table! Awkward!

9)      A manly, expensive sporty car AND a house.

Ouch! Costly car. Where are you going to get the money to buy a house and still foot the bill?

10)   Be experienced

Though you have lived for approximately the same amount of time as the woman – you are somehow expected to have travelled more, worked more, experienced more in life – if you were trying to make all that money, when would you have time for this?

11)   Interest from a lot of women and then ‘catch’ a beautiful women.

What do you mean? Of course all women are interested in you! Hopefully a beautiful women won’t trap you…you won’t be able to keep spreading your seed right? J

New added expectations:

1)      Stylish

There is now a lot more pressure on men to dress stylishly. Men must also fork out a lot of cash to look good. Women can get away with wearing cheap clothes as long as they are flattering, but since men must look like money, expensive, good quality clothes. Men’s haircuts even cost the same as women’s haircuts now; which is a good indicator that men are expected to be stylish.

2)      Cultured

After all you are taking the lead…which means you are expected to bring up more cultured topics to impress! Big muscles and a cave for the woman to sleep isn’t going to cut it anymore. Now to balance that tight rope of being cultured yet still manly…

Now let me pretend I’m a guy but doing the same analysis I did above on women:

1)      Sexy, accessible and beautiful if you are single…caring, sweet, motherly and beautiful if you are not.

But what about all the other parts of your character?

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