Writing feedback and reflections

Someone was kind enough to critically go through my writing and give me honest feedback.

This my “brain storm” of thoughts and actions from the feedback (feedback is at the bottom).

I have done the Myers Brigs test – I am very much N – a big picture person. I can see this in my writing, I like playing with concepts but struggle with the detail around them. I need to start focusing on the details. Big picture thinking is great, though once I have my first draft, I need to start focusing on details. This is difficult, I love new concepts, ideas and the beginning of anything. Dotting my eyes and crossing my T’s not so much my thing. I need to take the sour with the sweet! I have to work on “molding” the content after the first draft; this includes grammar, words chosen, punctuation and argument structure!

In my research of big picture detail thinking; I came across the topic of organic writing. Organic writing is about writing from “the heart”. You don’t decide beforehand what the outcome is, the writing process is an exploration for you and the characters and that’s how the plot develops. I can already tell it’s my style of writing. I know my current favourite author is also an organic writer (Murakami). I can’t for the life of me find it, but he said something along the lines of: “ I don’t really know the story myself till I finish the book… I take a journey myself through writing.” Below are links to descriptions of organic writers:



Organic writer, so what does that mean for me? That means there is even more need for me to organise my thoughts. I need to have an overall structure (which can always be changed later) or else I will end up just randomly posting and not even following my own trail of thought.

What am I hoping to achieve through writing?

What I want for myself from the blog:

  • Become a better writer / Expression/ Art
  • Figuring out how my mind works (psychology)
  • Figuring out how my body works (nutrition, exercise)
  • Figuring out how the world works (consumerism, social expectations, animal cruelty)

What I want other people to get from my blog:

  • Help someone else improve their writing (my posts can show the process I went through in learning how to write). Some writers might identify with my way of expression [Writing improvement]
  • Help people figure out how their mind works. We are all different but parts of us are the same. [Mental improvement]
  • Help people figure out how their body works.  [Physical improvement]
  • Help educate others on how the world works [World improvement]

For me to achieve above, I need to work on communicating more effectively in my writing, the writing needs to be more structured and geared to help the audience understand what I’m trying to communicate.

Structure I could follow when writing: SCQUARE: Setting, Content, Question, Understanding, Answer , Rephrase , Ethical considerations

Structure I could add to the blog site: Can add another tab that links everything together. Categories can be:

Improvement of:

  • Writing
  • Mind
  • Body
  • World

Below is the feedback I got:

Basically, my ideas are good but below are the problems in communicating those ideas:

-Look at overall structure: spacing and fonts not uniform (Writing structure)

-Blog page is not user friendly: hard to find posts (Page structure)

-Over use of certain works: A lot, also , but etc

-I’m using verbal communication in writing instead of written communication. Written communication should be a lot more descriptive as I’m not there in person to use body language to communicate – not can I fell in the gaps when the person needs more information

-Incorrect and over use of dashes, brackets and ellipses


-Argument structure needs working on – Set the scene, identify content, identify what I’m setting out to solve etc.

-Focus on bigger picture but lack in details –sometimes I bring in a new concept, or starting to talk about something but don’t bother to elaborate. Lacking in descriptions. 

#DigiWriMo , #Day13


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