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Oranjezicht City Farm Market

Oranjezicht City Farm MarketIt was a rainy day in Cape Town today. I could see the clouds rolling in over the mountain but my lazy self needed to get to gym. I had never been to  the Oranjezicht City Farm Market and it was still open  (Saterday 9.30 till after lunch), so I decided to stop by on the way to gym (I have a cool hoody and hipster track suite bottoms – I didn’t look that hideous :-P).

I got out the car and rushed into the market. Thank goodness it has a tent covering to shelter from the rain. I immediately liked it. It’s a small market – intimate and cosy!

First stop: Spades & Spoons Deli. I had recently seen photo’s of the place posted on facebook so was happy to be able to taste what I had seen. The lady that runs the place has been vegan for a good many years so all the products are vegan – mostly raw vegan. Raw chocolate treats, chocolate brownies, carrot cake and raw vegan cheese cake. I tasted everything! The raw orange chocolate dessert was my favourite, but I’m a chocoholic so I decided to buy the raw vegan cheesecake as an interesting change. The nuts she uses in the deserts are pre-soaked for digestibility, which I liked. I don’t agree with eating raw nuts that are not soaked. Most of her cakes are sweetened with agave (I’m not a fan of agave). Some of the desserts are sweetened with fruit others with sugar (probably the few cakes that were not raw). The cheese cake was delish and it was my first vegan ‘cheese’ cake. It was still very naughty and today was not my cheat day! She also sells raw crackers (carrot, sweet potato, coconut and ‘pizza’). I’m guessing they are made through dehydration and low heat. Very yummy! I bought the sweet potato ones. The crackers are there for tasters to have with the amazing dips. My favourite was the curry coconut dip!

The next place I found exciting was the french cheese stall. I prefer to eat raw dairy. If I’m having a cheat day, I don’t mind having pasteurized dairy from a farm that treats their animals fairly. I get introduced to a brie that is made from pasteurised cows milk. I hone in on the word pasteurized and ask if he maybe had unpasteurized cheese. YES! I was amped. He had at least 3 cheeses made from unpasteurised milk. They were from De Savoie region in France – this is apparently near the alps. Images of cows strolling through flowery mountain pastures fill my mind. I had once watched a documentary on some cows in the alps. All the flowers they ate gave the cheeses from the region its different flavour – I doubt this was that exact cheese but I was still!  I bought Reblochon. I loved it. Nothing like eating smelly, creamy cheese. I should have bought more. Not to worry, the places name is La Cremerie and they have a shop in Gardens Shopping Centre. Not the best that they are imported from France (in terms of trying to buy local of course, I would never refer to french cheese being sub standard). We have no raw milk cheeses made in SA that I know of.

There’s a few stands selling fresh veg and I could only buy spinach ( I was already low on cash). I think I’m going to do my veg shopping there every Saturday. All the veg is local, fresh and organic.

The next place of interest was a man selling a variety of produce, but the quinoa was what held my interest. Organic red and white quinoa. I love red quinoa. It’s not easy to come by organic red quinoa in Cape Town. Unfortunately, the red quinoa stocked by Wellness Warehouse is not organic and I think it might be GMO (If I can’t sprout a grain, I assume it has been nukes and hence GMO). The man at the stall said he brought the quinoa from South America (not the seeds). He has started to sprout and grow them himself! Score! In the future I will be able to be a able to buy locally produced, non GMO, organic quinoa from him.

Cherene Organics! The sprouts I buy from Wellness Warehouse boast this name – I was happy to put a face to the product. The lady makes the most amazing pesto and humus. I struggled to chose one! I ended up getting the basil humus. The tub is already finished. What impressed me most is the amount of love she put into making the humus. The chickpeas are first sprouted then steamed. Only the best, natural ingredients added to the chickpeas. Preperation is everything. Our ancestors put a lot more effort into preparing food than we did. All beans, peas, legumes and grains should be soaked, fermented or sprouted. It helps your body assimilate the nutrients and it tastes better. I also feel more alive and vibrant eating these 🙂

I’m also into buying “biodynamic” eggs now. The eggs I found at the market were Happy Hen eggs. I’ve seen them on the Ethical Co-op website and remember them being labeled as Free Range, so I wasn’t too sure what their standards for chickens are like. I unfortunately can’t find a website online.

I found everyone at the market very friendly and they were all so passionate about the foods they were creating. I left the market to take a look at the ‘farm’ opposite the market. The rain had cleared up a bit. As I was strolling through the garden, I looked around – to my right Table Mountain and to my far left I had a view of the ocean. This must be the City Farm with one of the best views in the world! At the end of the farm/garden, I saw some steam rising off the ground, it was the compost heap. Two men were turning the ‘soil’…

It’s a non-profit community farm. Great initiative! Their site below to view more details on how it all started and how to get involved:

OK. Too much food in my belly! Off to gym…

Food ramblings…

Once again I have taken my Chinese relax herbs before sleeping, but in order to keep writing everyday – I need to write today’s post (even in this tired foggy state). I’m very impressed with how effective these herbal pills are! I’ll just have to use music as a counter drug to keep me up. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories! Am I kidding myself? Thoughts of food have kept me up many nights!


It’s Sunday night – Monday is a fresh start to trying being a healthier me. I like to think about my weekend sins then focus on how amazing my diet will be the next week. The only thing on my mind is food. I have always wanted to blog about my daily thoughts on food, so here goes…

In terms of my animal cruelty and environmental impact issues – I haven’t done too badly. I had Burger King on Sunday night (It’s the first one in South Africa so I had to try it). I had a veggie burger of course. Burger King – I really was not impressed with this. It tasted synthetic! The bread didn’t even taste real and it gave me an instant energy rush, then I couldn’t stop eating though I didn’t like the taste. Something bad going on in that burger! Their fries are hardly nice as fries go (And I consider myself expert now). If I’m going to eat the “eat of shame” after a night of partying, it shall not be Burger King again!

I was in a state after upsetting my system with Burger King so I decided to carry on my downward spiral and also had MyYog frozen yoghurt. They use local dairy but I’m not sure where it’s sourced from or how the cows are treated. I think most South African cows are not treated badly…especially if it’s rBST hormone free…right? And I’m sure I read rBST hormone free somewhere in the shop. That cheat wasn’t worth it either. This used to be my favourite soft-serve ever and it even tasted like they changed the recipe. This is great for me as I’m quite addicted to MyYog – I shall not have to have soft serve there again soon.

My diet or should I rather say new lifestyle officially started today. Sunday is a cheat day on this plan so I had my cheat meal today. Don’t judge! I’m conditioned to overeat on Sundays. Anyways, we went to Constantia market for the afternoon. It was beautiful. They sell a variety of original creative gifts and you have stunning views of the lush green Cape Town mountain range around you. A very decent musician playing throughout the afternoon added to the ambiance. I was very thankful for the musician having a good voice; I’ve experienced too many “let’s do a favour for a friends’ sons’ start up band” lately. In terms of food – there was not much variety of food options. For a vegetarian, I was left with veg sushi. Then joy oh joy, I found an organic ice-cream place at the market. This ice-cream was divine! I initially had a scoop of tiramisu and another of vanilla. It was so good, I returned for a scoop of chocolate alongside whisky cream. I can’t decide which was best out of whisky cream and vanilla. It was probably the best scoop ice-cream I’ve had in Cape Town. They only serve ice-cream at the Tokai Earth Food market and the Warldorf Market. I will be driving to Tokai a lot more on Saturdays. The sell tubs that you can take home with you. Stock for cheat days!

Sunday night was a nightmare to eat healthy, but I managed sprouted lentils, veg and sprouted quinoa. I was craving pudding so badly so tried to make a healthy pudding with green stevia as a sweetener. It did the trick, one bite and I no longer wanted pudding!

What does a cheat meal? I can have 2 cheat meals next week. It’s scheduled for Wednesday and Sunday unless I’m eating out. Cheat meals are for eating sugar, bread and foods that are bad for me. But preferably involve no cruelty to animals. I still need to do research on the dairy industry in South Africa – a big blog post can result from that. For now, all I know is to avoid anything with rBST hormone in it, not only is it bad for you, but the hormone forces the cow to produce way more milk than what it’s designed to – not good! In terms of eggs – chickens are treated very badly here so unless you have researched the source from where you buy the eggs; you can assume very harsh conditions; no room to roam, broken beaks, unhealthy feed etc. Even boxes labelled free range are suspect.

So lifestyle for next week:

-2 cheat meals (a meal cannot be longer than 3 hours 😛 )

-Eat 3 meals at the same time every day.

-Don’t mix animal protein with carbs

-Can eat: sprouted grains (non glutinous) and sprouted legumes (no soy), veg (that I tolerate well), coconut oil for cooking, seed oils for seasoning (cold pressed), herbs, spices, seeds, coconut, raw milk kefir, biodynamic eggs, green stevia for sweetner

-Don’t overeat

-Bikram yoga 3 times. One session of weights.

Above probably sounds crazy but it’s my belief that this is the ideal diet – especially for a vegetarian. Fruit should be added to the can eat list for other people but not for me (in hay fever season, I do better just not eating them). I will blog about this diet in future…

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Vegetarianism – kill or be killed?


“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us the ‘Universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.”
Albert Einstein


“People often say that humans have always eaten animals as if this is a justification for continuing the practice. According to this logic, we should not try to prevent people from murdering other people, since this has also been done since the earliest of times.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer


“Hold then the same view of the dog which has lost his master, which has sought him in all the thoroughfares with cries of sorrow, which comes into the house troubled and restless, goes downstairs, goes upstairs; goes from room to room, finds at last in his study the master he loves, and betokens his gladness by soft whimpers, frisks, and caresses.

There are barbarians who seize this dog, who so greatly surpasses man in fidelity and friendship, and nail him down to a table and dissect him alive, to show you the Mesaraic veins! You discover in him all the same organs of feeling as in yourself. Answer me, Mechanist, has Nature arranged all the springs of feeling in this animal to the end that he might not feel? Has he nerves that he may be incapable of suffering? Do not suppose that impertinent contradiction in Nature.”

Voltaire, Dictionnaire philosophique portatif (1764), “Beasts”

I’m almost bipolar when it comes to eating meat! I’m a seasonal vegetarian. I’ve always had a tortured relationship with meat. On one side I feel sick knowing that I am eating the dead flesh of some creature that once had a life. A creature that I would probably want to pet and hold if I could manage to stand next to it in the field. But when I eat meat, I feel nourished almost primal. I might even say I get this surge of power when I eat meat. The meat I eat is usually free range and now even biodynamic (pasture raised animals). With regards to anything that was not reared naturally – I find the thought of eating mutant meat disgusting, and do not feel any sense of nourishment from that process.

When I was a child, I noticed the goats around me, how they interacted; they had no malice, they stood there together foraging for food in their environment, they had their own form of communication, they had little fights with each other, cuddle together for warmth, even show affection to each other. They also looked very cute. A lot of the stories from the books I read revolved around animals that could talk. I knew I couldn’t talk to animals, but I had this overwhelming urge to use the universal method of communicating (body language), hold the smaller ones, stroke the larger ones. Goat meat is eaten quite often in Botswana. My mother seemed to have developed a liking for it and I remembered it being cooked a lot. I started refusing to eat goat’s meat. My mother is from a culture where the killing of animals is part of the process to get meat…it is not unheard of to still see the live pig before you arrive at their parties, then see it dead on a spit a few hours later. She was not happy with my qualms about eating goat. One time, she thought it would be more cost-effective to buy a live goat, hire men to kill it, chop it up and freeze the meat. I was so very upset when I found this out. My mother was not happy with me being horrified about this and decided to force my crying self to watch this whole process. I was distraught and sobbing. I mourned the animal. I couldn’t stand all the pain inflicted on it, the awful smell that suddenly explodes into the air. The look in that animals innocent eyes full of terror but still alive, then pain… then slowly becoming vacant.

A similar thing happened with Ronald and Donald – the 2 ducks that were brought home to be fattened up and used for food. I made friends with these Ducks. My mother now aware of how traumatic the killing of animals was to me, secretly killed them. I later found out about this when it was served at the dinner table. I cried for days. My friends were killed for food!

You might think it’s crazy how my mother would have made me watch the goat being slaughtered, but I can understand why she did that. It’s more like how they make someone who has never fought in a war witness many shootings on-screen, or shoot fake people, so that they don’t think twice when they do it in an actual war situation. It desensitises you. It puts into your subconscious how to behave and that everything is still fine. See below article written on Killers (But killers of people). This may seem totally off track but it’s a good read to see how your sub-conscience can be trained based on your interactions with your environment.

When I tell people I want to be vegetarian, a lot respond saying they would never do that and have always wanted to eat meat. If I keep on pressing them for details if this was really true (even when they were a child) – most people respond that there was some period in their life were they were put off eating meat. It’s usually after watching some documentary or going to an abattoir. After visually witnessing how that meat gets into their plate, they were put off. They usually add that they don’t think about that now because they buy their meat packaged from a supermarket.

It is a big deal to kill animals. Ask most people who hunt about the first time they shot an animal. How did they feel when they were about to shoot? Most people trembled. The full impact of taking another life weighs down on them.

There is definitely some change to the conscience that needs to occur before eating meat comes naturally. But is this change in our conscience something that needs to happen in order for us to survive? Of course we know we are not going to instantly die if we stop eating meat, but when I say survive – I mean to actually live. You can feed a dog a diet not designed for it, and yes it will be a moving creature for a while, but after a while, it’s hair starts falling out, it loses interests in everything around it and doesn’t look it’s glossy self anymore. It’s not actually LIVING.

When I think of being vegetarian – two vastly different images pop to mind. One is something similar to the human version of the above dog, the other is me thriving on living food, me eating a diet of sprouted greens, fruits, veggies and raw milk and feeling at one with all the animals in the world. In one image, I feel alive and at peace with myself, the other I’m dying, not living…merely existing. As a hypochondriac, that second image does make a big impact.

There are many accounts of people going vegetarian/vegan, then becoming anaemic, having thyroid problems, becoming B12 deficient etc, so they decide they can no longer be vegetarian. They need to eat meat! Now, I’m not a fan of veganism, even Ghandi (link below) in his loving attempts to be vegan said he kept feeling ill and so had to keep reintroducing goats milk and ghee back into his diet. Maybe in the future we will understand nutrition well enough to totally remove all animal products and be more at one with nature, but for me; now is not that time. For now, though I am causing some form of cruelty to animals to use their milk – if I get it from a farm that looks after their animals, I feel my survival justifies that necessary cruelty.

The big question is can vegetarians that don’t subsist on junk vegetarian food still thrive? Yes, there are many known vegetarians that thrive. There are many athletes and Olympic medalists that use this diet to improve their performance – the greatest iron man competitor is vegetarian.

So other people can thrive on vegetarian diets. How about me? What if I’m different to them? I might have a different blood type. My genetics might be predisposed to eating meat. My body might not be able to extract nutrients from plants as effectively. I don’t really trust studies about other people, we are all different. Maybe all these people making me feel guilty about eating meat and one too many talking animals in my childhood stories have messed up my head. Maybe I should listen to that primal craving for meat. I’m not one of those people who mess around with my steak or ribs when it does eventually end up on my plate. I can devour 400g steak no problem! I salivate when that smell of roast starts wafting through the air. I don’t digest fruit or uncooked veggies very well. My milk needs to be raw, my veggies need to be cooked, I can only consume very small amounts of fruit, gluten is the devil and my grains and legumes need to be sprouted (except white rice). I can also only eat eggs from pasture reared chickens which are hard to come by (By choice).

It’s not so simple for me to answer whether I need to kill animals in order to *live… for now my emotional self feels guilty for eating meat. I’m murdering animals and my conscience by eating meat. I can only take the plunge and be a healthy vegetarian for a long period of time. This way I will be able to justify if killing animals as a necessary means of survival for me, or it may be true that I don’t need to kill animals to still thrive.

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Dick consumption


Firstly I want to just let the reader know, I will usually be talking more about food we eat, clothes we wear, recreational and non recreational drugs…but for today this is the more ‘serious’ issue I felt like tackling. I am in no way trying to offend either men or women but thought this would be a fun way to bring some topics on consumer habits across. Also maybe enlighten people what a mess up it is for women to have sex outside a committed relationship. And no I’m not sexually frustrated writing this – more frustrated with current consumer behavior.

Men – now do we really consume men? I am a women, and I do feel anything that goes into me is definitely a consumable. Now you can take that and wonder does this even apply to people that only practice protected sex…ummm lets not go there. I’m saying their Men’s sexual service is a consumable. I shall name this consumable Dick for the rest of my writing.

As a female I’m quite upset about the current process and system of how we go about getting Dick. If you are in a long term relationship and can get lots of Dick! Good for you. But for the rest of us singletons, it’s not that easy. Please don’t just assume that when original supply goes away –  demand goes away. Never the case!

Now all women and men are thinking – there is definitely lots of Dick supply. Ummmm yes, but it’s complicated. Like in any situation – when you start advertising your demand for something, it usually takes a while before the correct suppliers can react (if communication reaches there). There are no complex CRM systems tracking these demands! I have to do a lot of shopping for this. Where to go…. clubs, online dating sites, bars, church maybe even? Who knows.

So you go to these shops and find a lot of these Dicks are already reserved or only designed for the male gender (unfair!). But still lots of available Dick in these shops. I can go to said shops for Dick, don’t particularly have to announce that I want this service, if you are not fussy about the quality, it’s practically offered to you.  If I show too much interest in Dick, I seem to have less options… Easiest “purchase” right? Dick is supplied everywhere, you think I could easily have access to needed service?

Not so! Like everything you consume – there are consequences. When I purchase one of these Dicks, that transaction is stored (yes in this case in the form of gossip, images and memories) . Especially if you go to the same place often, these transactions over time – ( and it doesn’t have to be that much time) to categorize what kind of consumer you are and more importantly what kind of services they will be able to offer you. So based on what you do you could be categorized as follows: Slut , Gold Digger, One of the boys, Bitch, I would do her, I could be her friend, Uncategorised….etc On top of this once they realize what service they can provide for you based on this categorization (some systems of categorizations very warped so you have to make absolutely certain suppliers know what you want) – they start making preparations to sell to you. What you consume overtime has an impact on what services people want and do provide for you. Especially over time! As a consumer – you could easily end up being raped without careful consideration about what you consume!

After my transactions, I give feedback. Suppliers(Men) give feedback about me. These also get stored in societies minds and get fed through to other shops. Some sort of formula or should I say “truths” are formed around these transactions. Women that do many transactions are sluts. (Aim for them if you want to make sure to sell your supplies, but also consider the market could be too saturated – too many competitors). Women that you actually pay to do Dick transactions are prostitutes. Women that don’t take part in these transactions are prudes – nothing a bit of strategic advertising/marketing can’t fix. Women that only demand Dick from wealthy suppliers are Gold Diggers (Wealthy Men can now identify their market). And so on.

What you consume, and what you think and what you leave your supplier thinking has an impact of the rules that govern society – the environment you live in. As you can see it is very important to watch how you behave as a consumer!

Now lets say as a consumer – you suddenly realize, you are not happy with current Dicks being marketed to you, you are left feeling somehow unsatisfied. You are also starting to notice that your consumption choices are starting to impact the environment around you. You start communicating this to current all the current Men(s) – but he can only do certain services – after all, he wants to service the masses – Client- Supplier relationship destroyed. But now you are not getting any Dick – what to do?

This is the tricky part. All sorts of questions can start popping up around potential suppliers:

1) Are you leaving you feeling absolutely satisfied?

2) Is it sustainable?

3) Can you tell for sure if they are providing a “clean” service?

4)Am I destroying others lives/environments in process of getting this service

So many hard questions to ask and answers you probably don’t want to hear…

To make matters more complicated, women don’t like the way they get categorized. So instead of just demanding what they really need – they pretend don’t want what the suppliers have to supply and let them. This only exasperated suppliers. They have been tricked like this before – and feel they need to work harder to acquire the consumer. Consumer(Women) said no, but I’m assuming it’s a yes. I Will keep supplying – it’s a pretense – consumer is just playing hard to get.  This causes issues in categorizing non pretending consumers who are actually saying no! Problemo! Men think Dicks are in demand when they are not actually in demand and start supplying to wrong Women.

Also their are many groups of societies – and open communication between societies. One group of Men start discussions with other groups of Men – and suddenly other groups decide they no longer just want to satisfy the local Womens need’s -since  they have been in the game longer, they will satisfy Women in non surrounding areas. Lots of pea-cocking and new tricks – Women suddenly believe local Men don’t supply a good enough service. No, foreign Dick is better! Local Men are at a loss. They no longer have Women to provide a service to. Foreign Dick needs to be shipped in- lots more effort going on here, meaning less effort goes into the actual service. Women aren’t satisfied and feel they just have to consume more and more to be satisfied. Lot’s of resources are getting used up in this process of importing these foreign Dicks.

Also Men are not stupid. They realize that women are quite vain. They are getting greedy and like it when a lot of Men are selling them Dick. The more Men they can get interested in supplying Dick to them, the higher they value themselves. So Men trick women into all sorts of self torture in the promise of being sold more Dick. They can purchase other unrelated totally unnecessary products and they will most certainly be a more valuable Woman and be sold more Dick. In fact if they don’t use these other Consumables, they are second rate Women…Many model Women being used to show what model consumers are meant to be like!

A more ideal situation would be for consumers to learn for themselves what they actually need. Once needs are assessed. These need to be communicated unambiguously to suppliers around them. Suppliers will initially be unhappy about the decline in demand and action would probably taken. But in the long run – the right suppliers will materialize to meet the demands. Categorizing will be a lot more accurate. Consumers would feel more satisfied. They are getting what they need. No need for pretenses as this is a transparent system, (no bad categorizations), hence no shame in buying too many of one product or too much of a variety. Now if consumers could only make up their mine what it is they need…

Marketing and advertising is huge these days – and everyone wants to sell to you. Suppliers all want their slice of the pie (ok I’ll stop now). What you do, say and buy on a day to day basis all gets used by analysts and the advertising industries to try and meet your needs and demands. Yes we can all complain about the big ugly industries out there that are doing this to us poor consumers. But consumers actually hold a lot of power. Yes, we can be raped. But at the end of it you are the buyer, an individual but you do still make up the masses. You can change the world by what you consume.