A few thoughts on Mellissa Bachman – Lion Huntress


Melissa’s Bio:

“Melissa is one of the most intense and hardcore hunters you will ever meet. Her passion for the outdoors kicked in at an early age while hunting with her family in central Minnesota. Throughout high school she could be found in a tree stand before class and dreamed of a way to hunt for a living.

After graduating with honors and a double major in TV broadcasting and Spanish from St Cloud State University, Melissa started her outdoor career as a TV intern. Within a few months Melissa was offered a full time position as a producer and traveled the world filming a variety of incredible hunters.

Although this was close to her dream job, Melissa still longed for the day she could be the one squeezing the trigger. In order to achieve this goal Melissa spent every spare moment filming all her own hunts. After each successful hunt she would edit the shows together and give the footage away in hopes of gaining exposure. As an avid bowhunter this took a lot of time and patience but after taking several nice animals and putting together solid shows Melissa wish was finally granted. Now seven-years later Melissa spends over 170 days in the field both hunting and producing TV. Her triple threat expertise includes producing, writing and hunting on camera for her show Winchester Deadly Passion.”

As seen above Melissa is very passionate about killing. When I first saw the picture of her smiling face next to the dead lion, I immediately felt disgusted, then I saw my facebook feed full of demonising comments about her, I felt bad for her too. There was no denying I was far more used to seeing a man with his gun next to a dead animal. This picture would have been more accceptable if it was a man next to a kudu for example. Swap the man for a woman, then swap the kudu for a lion and you have a very unsettling image!

What this woman did was absolutely legal and her killing a lion in South Africa means a big cash injection somewhere – some will argue this money goes to anti-poaching projects or even nature conservation. In terms of the law she has done nothing wrong. There is a petition going round for her to not be allowed back in South Africa. I do not see why any government official would entertain this. She brings money into the country and through her hunting shows will bring publicity about South Africa.

Also who decided which animal was fine to kill and which wasn’t? Many endangered birds are killed daily to make room for new resorts and beaches – do we have any problems with this? Yes – but not enough to stop us from enjoying the beaches or resorts built there. We eat meat everyday– do we have a problem with killing those animals? Different cultures have their ‘list’ of animals which are fine to kill. Dogs in China – yes. In SA – hell no!

Now, there are quite a few people hating on Mellissa Bachman. Why? Most human beings are not happy with the glorification of killing! In court, a jury is much for sympathetic to an apologetic killer as opposed to a proud one. For killing animals, there are different levels of what glorification is alright. Heads of antelope on the wall? Mostly acceptable in South Africa – I wonder how acceptable though? I have heard many people commenting about being unsettled the eyes on the heads are. The more large, beautiful and powerful the animal, the more value we put on it. A lion is magnificent! We do not like to see this animal hunted for a trophy. The more valuable the animal, the more you have to justify the killing of it for human pleasure.

In the past people could even kill hundreds of lions on their safaris/hunting sprees, then we got more educated and realised this was wrong. It’s illegal to act like this now. Today, if we look into the real reason for the decline in Lions – it’s to protect livestock! Predators prey on cattle, sheep and goats. Ranch owners kill the lions using poison, guns or whatever is needed to protect their livestock.


This is not killing for pleasure, there is a need behind this killing that we can identify with. It’s to survive, make money and protect meat; our source of food. Even though this causes a lot more damage than one trophy killing – it’s much easier to relate to. Perhaps if you are really passionate about keeping lions alive; you would best use your energy to educate farmers into better farming practices than jumping on the anger wagon towards Mellissa Bachman.

In some cases I can almost agree with hunting. In places where there is too many of an animal in an area, it can cause destruction to the environment. It’s necessary to bring down the numbers of that animal. This situation would usually occur because human beings caused the imbalance – building property in the wrong areas or too many predators being killed or removed. Never the less, these things happen, it could make sense to kill the animals to bring down the numbers. I’m also sure, some more creative ways could be reached.

Back to killing for pleasure – which is what makes us feel angry towards people like Mellissa Bachman? Unfortunately, humans do have this innate desire to kill. There are many people who deeply enjoy hunting. I’m sure it gives a feeling of power to have the skill to track down an animal then hit a moving target through all the surrounding ‘turmoil’. But my feeling is, if you really are a hunter; hunt fair! Get rid of the gun. Hunt like your ancestors did, use the objects in your surrounding area. If you can truly ‘win’ like this, maybe then it justifies that trophy! Thinking you won in this sport by shooting an animal from a distance is a big illusion. If you want to revert to the brutal ways of the past, do it properly! Even in saying this it still feels unfair. Animals attack humans for survival/food. If you are attacking for fun – the balance is off. The only way you could fairly express that desire to kill – find other like-minded people and fight it out, maybe then you can rightly feel like a skilled, powerful man/woman when you win.

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Gender expectations from a male perspective


Since I recently wrote a post about society’s pressures on women, for fun, I’m going to try and write society’s expectations from a male point of view.

Male gender expectations put them in a position of power. Great for all those natural alpha’s out there. But for the rest – those are some huge shoes you need to fill!

Society’s expectations on men:


1)      Expected to take the lead/control

A lot of women are more impatient than men and want things to happen long before a man would decide it’s time. Taking the lead has a lot of pressure – when things go wrong, whose fault is it??

2)      The hunter

You are expected to take the lead in initiating a relationship or sex. If you are not super confident, this is probably not the best experience. The thought of rejection might even feel worse for a man (ego).

3)      The protector

You need to shield your family from all the evil in the world. This is great if you love confrontation! Of course men are usually stronger that women so it would make sense from a physical point of view. Protection is also a lot of work. Maybe your girlfriend is too scared to drive at night – you have to now drive her around. A lot of work!

4)      Pillar of strength – very little emotion

When everyone else is breaking down around you – you are expected to act bulletproof. Do baby boys cry any less than baby girls? Men are just as full of emotion as women, as they get older a lot of this gets repressed because of this expectation.

5)      Look athletic and strong when you are young. Money and success when older.

We no longer hunt for food. A muscular physique doesn’t come that naturally anymore. Looking strong and athletic – lots of gym and sport needed there. Pressure to earn a lot of money – where does that leave you in pursuing a career you love?

6)      Expected to be one up on women (higher salary, better job, smarter)

Women are now earning good salaries, great jobs, they work hard and a lot of women are smart, now these women are still expecting date men that are higher up the social/corporate ladder. Wouldn’t you want a woman that’s smart and financially stable – it would benefit your future family; but now you have to aim down?

7)      You are expected to pay the bill/ buy the drinks.

Didn’t you just buy that expensive car so she can see you have money? Why must you still buy the drinks? Do you feel you have to pay for her sexual services later? I would hope she wants to sleep with you because she is attracted to you; not for any other reason.

8)      Male manners: give a lady your jersey if you are cold, pull the chair back for a lady, open doors and carry a bag that she obviously can lift herself when you are not around.

The bag is understandable. Maybe you could show off those muscles you have been working so hard for in the gym in the process. The jersey? Maybe she should have remembered to bring one, aren’t you also cold? Pull the chair back…but you are not even sitting on that side of the table! Awkward!

9)      A manly, expensive sporty car AND a house.

Ouch! Costly car. Where are you going to get the money to buy a house and still foot the bill?

10)   Be experienced

Though you have lived for approximately the same amount of time as the woman – you are somehow expected to have travelled more, worked more, experienced more in life – if you were trying to make all that money, when would you have time for this?

11)   Interest from a lot of women and then ‘catch’ a beautiful women.

What do you mean? Of course all women are interested in you! Hopefully a beautiful women won’t trap you…you won’t be able to keep spreading your seed right? J

New added expectations:

1)      Stylish

There is now a lot more pressure on men to dress stylishly. Men must also fork out a lot of cash to look good. Women can get away with wearing cheap clothes as long as they are flattering, but since men must look like money, expensive, good quality clothes. Men’s haircuts even cost the same as women’s haircuts now; which is a good indicator that men are expected to be stylish.

2)      Cultured

After all you are taking the lead…which means you are expected to bring up more cultured topics to impress! Big muscles and a cave for the woman to sleep isn’t going to cut it anymore. Now to balance that tight rope of being cultured yet still manly…

Now let me pretend I’m a guy but doing the same analysis I did above on women:

1)      Sexy, accessible and beautiful if you are single…caring, sweet, motherly and beautiful if you are not.

But what about all the other parts of your character?

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Socialising on your ace

Rooftop of Dreams

Venturing out on your own. For some people this is unthinkable! It’s also very culture dependent; I once spoke to a girl in Italy who said, you would be considered very weird if you sat alone in a coffee shop, especially if you were a woman. In England or France for example, I think you could easily get away with this. It’s also unfortunately more gender acceptable, a women on her own conjures up a lot of negative connotations. Add a bar or alcohol to this situation and I can only imagine what goes on in people’s heads!

I recently moved to Cape Town and am continuously struggling with not being able to go to places and events I am interest it. The friends that I have made here enjoy a lot of activities that I find not to my taste and vice versa. I have not been my outgoing social self since moving here and unlike Jozi, where I used to live, networking is not as easy. It’s come to that point that in order to be happy in Cape Town, I need to start going out. on my own, to the events that I would enjoy. This way I can at least do things I like here and hopefully meet new friends who enjoy the same things I do.

I’m really into house music, dancing and not too much drinking (season dependent), I love rooftops or nature (open settings). Well-designed interiors also do. I am a slight snob I guess! Last month, I saw Nomadic rooftop parties advertised and knew I just had to go. It’s all the stuff I love in one (in terms of partying). I managed to convince one of my friends to come last time; I had the best time! Music was good, views were great and the people were friendly.

So today, there is another rooftop party and this time I have no close friends that are available to come with me. I will meet up with people there that I have met once of twice before but mostly, I’m left to go to this event on my own. Once again I feel vulnerable and I have these thoughts in my head that people will judge me as this loser with no friends. I will have to be friendly and charming to total strangers. I know I love socialising and meeting new people when I’m feeling confident and supported, but on my own like this is different. Also to pre-think about it makes the whole thing more daunting. Even worse, that awkward moment where you meet someone you slightly know and they ask who you came with!! Cry me a river! So embarrassing when I have to explain this whole situation.

So why am I still putting myself through this whole miserable experience? I love house music and dancing that much! It can only be good for my character. I also hope to make new friends there. It doesn’t make it any less difficult though, but let me put on my big girl panties and stop being so afraid of the judgments. This will also be a lesson to be kind when I meet someone at a party (on their own). I totally wouldn’t mind doing this in a foreign town or country…but my own city? It’s just too much. In a foreign place I at least feel anonymous.

There’s not much you can tell yourself or do or prep for a mission out on your ace. It’s the same as being at the top of a steep hill on your bicycle; about to ramble down into unknown territory. You really might come off worse for wear at the bottom of that steep hill, but if you didn’t do it, how would you know? So here is me, writing about how it feels like before you go out without the security of your friend group around you; hopefully it will give motivation to anyone in a similar situation. I’m sure most people will think I love torturing myself. I do think I’m a bit sadistic sometimes, but my adventurous side is smiling. With regards to judgments – you have to remember, you are who you are! People are always going to judge you, but you have to be you so that you can attract the right people into your life that will admire or at least understand the crazy, strange things you do. The less conventional we naturally are…the harder it is. But hey…big girl panties! No one ever accomplished anything interesting without wondering off on their own. And the best part about going out without people you know to well? New observations, interactions and interesting people – the stuff writers love!

And final thoughts, a quote by Russel Brand:

“It’s difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you. No-one really feels self-confident deep down because it’s an artificial idea. Really, people aren’t that worried about what you’re doing or what you’re saying, so you can drift around the world relatively anonymously. You must not feel persecuted and examined. Liberate yourself from that idea that people are watching you”

I’m taking the plunge…………..

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Shit women do

Shit women do

Is it OK to let women starve themselves, destroy their health, have a distorted self-image and cut up their bodies to feel accepted? Is it OK to let them think they should be looking like Barbie/models? Model bodies? This is a moving target – compare the beautiful women from the previous generation till now. Models have to work hard on looking beautiful and young, also all the professional make up and electronic touch up’s create the most amazing, inhumanely beautiful women. These women are used for advertising everywhere and it’s made to feel like these images are the norm. Then there’s all the beautifully fake pictures of real women on social media. When a women looks in the mirror, she starts to see so many things that need fixing (job well done for the marketing team). Women will pay anything to fix themselves. Then begins the self-mutilation with all the books, cosmetics, procedures, foods etc to fix themselves. It’s incredibly sad! This is also starting to apply to men now but I feel there is far less pressure on men…

I was talking about how disgusting  some cultures were with the whole genital mutilation of women. It’s even accepted by mothers and grandmothers – they think their daughter’s would not be able to serve food with a pure mind if they didn’t get this done. They are brainwashed into thinking that to be an accepted women – they needed to get these things done. My friend quickly went on to say, how our society wasn’t so far off, but since we are immersed in it – we can hardly see we are also brainwashed.

A few sadistic things women do to themselves so that they are more desirable:

1)      Starvation (calories or omitting food groups)

I am very guilty of this one. I think I have wrecked my health on too many diets already. Diets create so much stress on your body. They mess up your thyroid, mess up your mind and create nutrient deficiencies.

I naturally had a very good metabolism as I child. I constantly ate lots and lots of food. This probably wasn’t very healthy for me. (It wasn’t healthy food). But I don’t remember having any issues with thinking I was fat etc. My weight would naturally fluctuate – I would get “poofy” sometimes but then really skinny other times. It didn’t bother me. (I hear these days, girls as young as 8 years old start dieting).

By the time I got to highschool, I started being aware of the need to be skinny. I was still a really sporty girl though. I had amazingly toned legs, lots of energy and beautiful long luscious hair. I was in boarding school. I went home after my first year of high school and decided I was fat, I needed to diet. I probably got myself to lose about 5kg’s that holiday. A lot of my hair fell out. My legs lost their muscular tone and I started feeling very tired. I don’t remember my mom saying much about this. But I remember seeing my father after the holiday – he immediately made a comment about me being anorexic. Once I got back to school, I got quite a few comments about being anorexic and that I had lost my nice calves etc…I constructively took this info and stopped dieting. After a while, I was quite happy and had gotten over starving myself (after all, I love food too much). I would just diet on and off after that, but it seemed my hair and energy never really returned to normal for the next 4 years.

I had a lot of other things stressing me out by the time I was in varsity – I totally stopped dieting and was at my thinnest (healthiest) self – my energy finally came back and my hair was thick…unfortunately towards the end of varsity I started feeling the pressure again and started dieting. I’m still in this torment and even now struggle to stop the crazy diets.

There’s way too much pressure when it comes to dieting. The problem is with how food is produced and consumed these days. Food industries just want to sell, sell, and sell. They create foods that are addictive and then display food porn on streets, tv and internet; telling you that you need to consume more and more! Then on the other side, we are told we need to be super thin. Need to cut out all that addictive food. If you are at a predisposition to love food – it’s an uphill battle. No wonder I’m going from thinking I’m thin, healthy and in control to stuffing cake in my face, then looking in the mirror and telling myself how obese I look all of a sudden!

We don’t all have the same body types! It’s very unhealthy for someone with Type A body to try and change it to Type C. Women’s body fat percentage are naturally quite high. This is totally necessary for fertility and hormones. We all have our own optimum body fat percentage – taking it under that can cause serious health problems. (Or over that – for those that are naturally very thin and try to force weight on).

2)      Heels

Not too long ago in a place not so far away. Small feet were considered beautiful and a way to marry into money. Women/girls would break and bind their feet to keep them small so that they would be beautiful. So sadistic right? This was later banned. Are high heeled shoes that far off this tradition?

You don’t need to google around much to find reasons why wearing heals are bad for your health.


Maybe heels are not always bad. They are said to be good for certain dances (but let’s be real, those heals are designed very differently). Also a slight heel could make for more comfortable shoes on certain feet.

If I have gone out in high heels; I have either spent the night in one spot, not dancing or drank a lot of alcohol and possibly ended up walking home barefoot (yes maybe due to lots of drinks too). It’s clearly very painful to wear these. I don’t wear heals that often, so I’m not used to all that pressure on my feet when I do wear them. How much must we want to look hot to put up with this pain? I have seen what these heels do to long time wearers, it changes the structure of the feet over time. Bunions form and all sorts of calluses. All in the name of being hot!

3)      Surgery (cutting themselves up)

This is honestly getting out of hand now! Before it was just nose jobs and boobs. Now everything, even your hidden veejayjay needs to be cut up and sewn together the way it was “meant to be”. I’m very happy cosmetic surgery exists – if I were in a bad car accident and needed to fix myself up again, or was born with a closed nostril or something – great. But many of the people opting for surgery already look amazing! And what’s even worse, is they go in looking amazing – they come out looking even more perfect – how does that leave the rest of the people feeling about their self-image. The more perfect everyone around us becomes, the more we wonder about our reflection in the mirror not matching up to those standards. Still, cutting yourself up to be beautiful!!

4)      Botox

Age gracefully? Hell no! Let’s keep injecting foreign material into our faces so that we will be ever youthful! Same problem as surgery. Look at Hollywood – some of these stars are in their 40’s 50’s now and look younger than me! (mid 20’s). I think of Botox as cocaine. Status drug, boosts your confidence temporarily, costly and your left wanting more. It also makes everyone around feeling shit about themselves (Can’t live up to your amazingness). Botox parties are all the rage now!

I was told recently; “There are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women”. All of the above coupled with this generations self-help mentality is a poisonous combination. You have to be desirable! If you are not perfect, you clearly aren’t trying! There is certain truth in this – as I’m a self-help generation baby, I do feel as if I just need to know what I want, then I can find the steps to get there. It makes me feel like a total failure when I go all Atkins and then I fail to have the self-restraint to not eat a potato!! I failed, didn’t follow the rules properly; I’m fat because I couldn’t follow Atkins. OK, let me go buy the next solution?

I don’t advocate an unhealthy lifestyle. But punishing yourself will achieve nothing. Look after yourself. Love yourself. Exercise to feel good. Eat to nourish your body.  If you are already healthy – accept your natural body shape and use it your advantage. We are all given different assets in life. We are all unique and special. Love yourself. There is no other set of genetics like yours in this world. Don’t try and steal what was given to someone else (you will never be able to copy it as well anyway).

The fact remains, women are vain. From our childhood fairy tales, it’s made evident from a young age that women want to look young and beautiful and be admired by many. The obsession of being beautiful is also depicted as evil in fairy-tales, but somehow there is always that princess bitch that without even trying comes out so beautiful, gets her prince and everyone adores her. But maybe that’s the point! Don’t invest so much time and energy into trying to be desirable else you will easily be brainwashed and manipulated by society and the advertising industry. Rather focus your energy on other things that are more important to you – in doing this, you might end up being the most beautiful version you!?

Then summer comes and you head to the nearest beach and suddenly realise you’re not beach ready this summer. You want to go shamefully sit in the corner, fully clothed, with huge shades on, because all these idiots didn’t stop beautifying themselves all winter, they make you feel like a beached whale! Drastic measures need to be taken! You might have stopped the madness, but nobody else did. It’s OK! It’s all in your mind. They are still mostly unhappy with their image too. At least you haven’t wasted too much energy to end up with that same frame of mind. Having a healthy self image is gained by respecting yourself and your body. It’s not done by punishing yourself. Painful tactics work but they are not sustainable – you will be left wanting to do more and more to change yourself!

Dick consumption


Firstly I want to just let the reader know, I will usually be talking more about food we eat, clothes we wear, recreational and non recreational drugs…but for today this is the more ‘serious’ issue I felt like tackling. I am in no way trying to offend either men or women but thought this would be a fun way to bring some topics on consumer habits across. Also maybe enlighten people what a mess up it is for women to have sex outside a committed relationship. And no I’m not sexually frustrated writing this – more frustrated with current consumer behavior.

Men – now do we really consume men? I am a women, and I do feel anything that goes into me is definitely a consumable. Now you can take that and wonder does this even apply to people that only practice protected sex…ummm lets not go there. I’m saying their Men’s sexual service is a consumable. I shall name this consumable Dick for the rest of my writing.

As a female I’m quite upset about the current process and system of how we go about getting Dick. If you are in a long term relationship and can get lots of Dick! Good for you. But for the rest of us singletons, it’s not that easy. Please don’t just assume that when original supply goes away –  demand goes away. Never the case!

Now all women and men are thinking – there is definitely lots of Dick supply. Ummmm yes, but it’s complicated. Like in any situation – when you start advertising your demand for something, it usually takes a while before the correct suppliers can react (if communication reaches there). There are no complex CRM systems tracking these demands! I have to do a lot of shopping for this. Where to go…. clubs, online dating sites, bars, church maybe even? Who knows.

So you go to these shops and find a lot of these Dicks are already reserved or only designed for the male gender (unfair!). But still lots of available Dick in these shops. I can go to said shops for Dick, don’t particularly have to announce that I want this service, if you are not fussy about the quality, it’s practically offered to you.  If I show too much interest in Dick, I seem to have less options… Easiest “purchase” right? Dick is supplied everywhere, you think I could easily have access to needed service?

Not so! Like everything you consume – there are consequences. When I purchase one of these Dicks, that transaction is stored (yes in this case in the form of gossip, images and memories) . Especially if you go to the same place often, these transactions over time – ( and it doesn’t have to be that much time) to categorize what kind of consumer you are and more importantly what kind of services they will be able to offer you. So based on what you do you could be categorized as follows: Slut , Gold Digger, One of the boys, Bitch, I would do her, I could be her friend, Uncategorised….etc On top of this once they realize what service they can provide for you based on this categorization (some systems of categorizations very warped so you have to make absolutely certain suppliers know what you want) – they start making preparations to sell to you. What you consume overtime has an impact on what services people want and do provide for you. Especially over time! As a consumer – you could easily end up being raped without careful consideration about what you consume!

After my transactions, I give feedback. Suppliers(Men) give feedback about me. These also get stored in societies minds and get fed through to other shops. Some sort of formula or should I say “truths” are formed around these transactions. Women that do many transactions are sluts. (Aim for them if you want to make sure to sell your supplies, but also consider the market could be too saturated – too many competitors). Women that you actually pay to do Dick transactions are prostitutes. Women that don’t take part in these transactions are prudes – nothing a bit of strategic advertising/marketing can’t fix. Women that only demand Dick from wealthy suppliers are Gold Diggers (Wealthy Men can now identify their market). And so on.

What you consume, and what you think and what you leave your supplier thinking has an impact of the rules that govern society – the environment you live in. As you can see it is very important to watch how you behave as a consumer!

Now lets say as a consumer – you suddenly realize, you are not happy with current Dicks being marketed to you, you are left feeling somehow unsatisfied. You are also starting to notice that your consumption choices are starting to impact the environment around you. You start communicating this to current all the current Men(s) – but he can only do certain services – after all, he wants to service the masses – Client- Supplier relationship destroyed. But now you are not getting any Dick – what to do?

This is the tricky part. All sorts of questions can start popping up around potential suppliers:

1) Are you leaving you feeling absolutely satisfied?

2) Is it sustainable?

3) Can you tell for sure if they are providing a “clean” service?

4)Am I destroying others lives/environments in process of getting this service

So many hard questions to ask and answers you probably don’t want to hear…

To make matters more complicated, women don’t like the way they get categorized. So instead of just demanding what they really need – they pretend don’t want what the suppliers have to supply and let them. This only exasperated suppliers. They have been tricked like this before – and feel they need to work harder to acquire the consumer. Consumer(Women) said no, but I’m assuming it’s a yes. I Will keep supplying – it’s a pretense – consumer is just playing hard to get.  This causes issues in categorizing non pretending consumers who are actually saying no! Problemo! Men think Dicks are in demand when they are not actually in demand and start supplying to wrong Women.

Also their are many groups of societies – and open communication between societies. One group of Men start discussions with other groups of Men – and suddenly other groups decide they no longer just want to satisfy the local Womens need’s -since  they have been in the game longer, they will satisfy Women in non surrounding areas. Lots of pea-cocking and new tricks – Women suddenly believe local Men don’t supply a good enough service. No, foreign Dick is better! Local Men are at a loss. They no longer have Women to provide a service to. Foreign Dick needs to be shipped in- lots more effort going on here, meaning less effort goes into the actual service. Women aren’t satisfied and feel they just have to consume more and more to be satisfied. Lot’s of resources are getting used up in this process of importing these foreign Dicks.

Also Men are not stupid. They realize that women are quite vain. They are getting greedy and like it when a lot of Men are selling them Dick. The more Men they can get interested in supplying Dick to them, the higher they value themselves. So Men trick women into all sorts of self torture in the promise of being sold more Dick. They can purchase other unrelated totally unnecessary products and they will most certainly be a more valuable Woman and be sold more Dick. In fact if they don’t use these other Consumables, they are second rate Women…Many model Women being used to show what model consumers are meant to be like!

A more ideal situation would be for consumers to learn for themselves what they actually need. Once needs are assessed. These need to be communicated unambiguously to suppliers around them. Suppliers will initially be unhappy about the decline in demand and action would probably taken. But in the long run – the right suppliers will materialize to meet the demands. Categorizing will be a lot more accurate. Consumers would feel more satisfied. They are getting what they need. No need for pretenses as this is a transparent system, (no bad categorizations), hence no shame in buying too many of one product or too much of a variety. Now if consumers could only make up their mine what it is they need…

Marketing and advertising is huge these days – and everyone wants to sell to you. Suppliers all want their slice of the pie (ok I’ll stop now). What you do, say and buy on a day to day basis all gets used by analysts and the advertising industries to try and meet your needs and demands. Yes we can all complain about the big ugly industries out there that are doing this to us poor consumers. But consumers actually hold a lot of power. Yes, we can be raped. But at the end of it you are the buyer, an individual but you do still make up the masses. You can change the world by what you consume.